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Feb 2012

L&I Had Jurisdiction to Dismiss Erroneously Reopened Claim

The Department of Labor and Industries' erroneous decision to reopen a case did not deprive it of the jurisdiction needed to close the case several years later, the Washington Court of Appeals concluded. Read More...

Small Businesses Favor Full Settlement Of Claims

Small business owners are gearing up to push legislation that would approve full settlements for all injured workers based on the possibility that Republicans could take over the governor's office and the Washington state Senate next year, according to a state think tank. Read More...

L&I Announces Meeting Dates to Discuss Contingency Reserve

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) announced dates for six upcoming advisory committees, including four meetings to discuss the status of the contingency reserve. Read More...

House Adds Legislation To Remove Doctors From Medical Provider Network

Legislation creating a mechanism to remove a doctor from Washington's medical provider network passed out of committee following an amendment to address a concern raised by labor during a bill workshop. Read More...

L&I's Medical Provider Network Now Accepting Applications

The Department of Labor & Industries is now accepting applications for the statewide workers’ compensation medical network that will launch in 2013. Network providers will care for injured workers covered by L&I as well as by self-insured employers. Read More...

L&I Seeks Public Comment On Rules For Implementing Medical Provider Network

The Department of Labor & Industries is seeking input from the public on draft rules for implementing portions of the workers’ comp medical network that will launch in 2013. Specifically, the rules cover injured workers’ visits to non-network providers — what L&I can pay for and who can decide to reopen a claim. Read More...

Tobin Does Not Apply When Settlement Funds Are Not Characterized

The Washington Supreme Court ruled that its recent 2010 decision, Tobin v. Department of Labor & Industries, did not affect how the Department deducted its workers' compensation lien from Sharon Davis’s third-party settlement. The Department did not have to refund any money it had recovered from Ms. Davis’s settlement. Read More...

L&I To Hold Public Forums For Comment On Structured Settlement Rules

The Department of Labor & Industries will hold four hearings to take public comment on proposed rules for settlement agreements of workers’ compensation claims. Read More...
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