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Blue-Collar Workers Face Much Higher Risk Of Serious Injury

Since the 2008 recession, companies have increasingly turned to temporary employees to work in factories and warehouses and on construction sites. The temp industry now employs a record 2.8 million workers. The trend carries a human cost. Read More...

New Policy: L&I To Communicate With Injured Workers' Attorneys Instead Of Injured Workers

Some workers have attorneys representing them but continue to contact L&I by telephone, secure message, or in person. It’s important that we respect their request for legal representation and that their attorneys are their point of contact for questions and issues concerning the claim. Read More...

Seattle Cab Driver Faces 15 Felony Counts For Workers’ Comp Fraud

The Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) says a 54 year old Seattle man has been charged with 15 counts of second degree theft in connection with more than $262,000 he received in workers’ compensation and other benefits. Read More...

L&I Announces New Clinics To Provide Improved Treatment For Work Injuries

The Department of Labor & Industries has finalized new agreements with health-care organizations to provide Centers of Occupational Health and Education. COHEs are organizations that improve medical treatment for Washington's injured workers. Read More...

Pension And Time-Loss Benefits Increase 3.4% On July 1, 2013

For most workers injured before July 1, 2012, time-loss and pension benefit payments will increase 3.4 percent based on an increase in the state's average wage. The increase was announced by the Department of Employment Security on June 12. Read More...
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